For months we've been submerged in a new cultural phenomena called Chinning. With a fast crew and lightweight equipment we've managed to penetrate and capture the essence of this unique subculture before it's exploited by some sneaker manufacturer.

We'd like to extend our thanks to the organisation STAD who believed in us and made this project possible.

More info at their campaign site and take a look at the fantastic 5 minute documentary here: Chinners

When Kanal5 asked us to put a shine on Linda Rosing's new reality show we dusted off the ol' thinking cap and got cranking.

Since we'd been playing around with various cartoon looks for a series of B2B films for Ericsson we decided to give it a spin.

With a nice track composed by Kungen & Hertigen and some green screen magic we produced this sweet little love intro. Den Rätte För Rosing.
Happy man hunting Linda!

In November we spread our wings and took off to Paris.
After some meetings over ample amounts of Foie Gras, Bourgogne and night life we sealed a deal with production company 360 Creative, Inc to produce a music video for French singer/song writer artist Loane. EC approved designer/director Reach joined us in the Stockholm office for a month of sleep deprivation, hard labor and general gaga. Enjoy the the lush finished piece of bon bon here:
Loane - Contre Toi

To prove that less is more we took art direction from John Mellkvist at online design company and produced this commercial piece of simplicity.
Take a John Look at the movie here.
Sorry for the lack of news, but it's been sort of busy here at Degaussian Industry. I'll do a quick re-cap of what we've been up to.
We proudly welcome Wunderkind Peder Norrby of Trapcode to our office!
Currently hard at work on his iTunes visualizers we find him in various corners at odd hours.

There is also a rumor of a Degaussian Blur plug-in in developement.
We cannot confirm nor deny this rumor.

For those who have been living in a nuclear-safe bomb shelter for the past 7 years and have missed the excellent software developed by Trapcode, please follow this link:

Find the free iTunes visualizers here:

Super-tall Emil Sellström from The Animation Workshop school in Denmark has joined us
for a 6 month internship. As he is an eager disciple of character animation we hope that our
next project will involve many small creatures so that his talents will be put to good use.
All-round motiongrapher Rainer Frick, proud citizen of Ulm, has joined us for a 6 month internship.
We are all sharpening our German conversational skills here at Degauss.
Through nights, weekends and vacations we've been tinkering on this music video for the eclectic group cirKus.
We let the gaga mind of our gifted Fredric Furstenbach roam free and without restraints
in a rag-doll landscape filled with procedural animations.
Look what he brought home for dinner!
Some Degaussian editing and really BIG type to complete this tale of misery.
Enjoy. Bells

More on cirKus here:

The very talented 3D artist (Hey! If there are Flame* artists, there must be 3D ditto, right?)
Fredric Furstenbach has joined our pool of creative freelancers.
We have completed this years sponsor film for MTV's Kiss for Climate.
Herpes safe entertainment for all!

After six month of hard work, blood, sweat and laughs Fredric's internship is now over. We liked to say thank you for a great time and welcome Fredrik aboard after his well deserved summer holidays.

Degauss has completed the animated short film Slaves.
Based on an authentic interview with two children from Sudan this documentary tells the story of enslavement and liberation.
In collaboration with art director Mats Johansson of Acne Jr we developed and executed the
production and animation design as well as post production. Well over a year in the making we
can safely say that this one is a keeper. Stay tuned for some excerpts and images.
Directed by David Aronowitsch and Hanna Heilborn from production company Story.

Degauss has produced four films for Ericsson Business Unit.
When commissioned to explain the concepts SDP, IMS, IPTV and HSPA
we decided to give it the full Degauss treatment. With over 12 minutes of
animation and 3 months in production we've never been more excited about B2B.

Movies will be presented later this week.
Fredric Furstenbach, a very talented student of Nackademin, started his final internship here at Degauss before graduating.

Finally after a couple of months we like to present the new and first Degaussian website.
We hope you will find it interesting and enjoyable.