Dear Prospective Client,

Thank you for showing interest in our company.
Before we begin a fruitful business relation we'd like to quench your inquisitive thirst and answer;
'Who the heck are Degauss and how can they maximize our profit?'

The answer comes in two distinct flavors. Long and short.
To obtain the long story, please contact us during normal business hours to set up a meeting*.
The short version goes a little something like this;

Degauss is a production agency with focus on storytelling through motion design.

Too short? Let us expand slightly**.
We deliver graphical and photographical solutions for a plethora of clients and platforms.
From the very small to the insanely large***.
Regardless of size we will analyze each case and suggest a solution that best conveys
the message to the required audience within a given budget.

Based on your specific needs we can either expand upon an existing guideline
or design your entire production from scratch.
Whether the production is pro-social, commercial or pure entertainment.
Whether the platform is web, broadcast or film, we consider the task equal.
There is a message, and it needs to reach its market.

Through our combined experience from broadcast, film and event production we have the skills, ambition and, of course, the sheer willpower to take on your production and emerge victorious.

So, please take a stroll through our site and when you are ready to be Degaussed
- contact us!

Yours Truly

*Should you prefer a convergence in our comfortable premises smack in the
middle of Stockholm we can guarantee good yarns, a comfortable sofa and stunning coffee.

** Without using buzz words like 'down-streamed brand infusion' or 'core media re-positioning'.

*** Please refer to our extensive clients section on our web site.

Mats Karsvall - Director, Lead Producer
Daniel Annefelt - Lead Production
Magnus Östergren - Art Director